I'm thankful for closure. Finding peace with things that made you different. It can be a tricky yet magical thing. If it's successful, there aren't anymore questions, worries, or bitterness.

I'm thankful for personal and spiritual growth before this season. Had this season came a year ago, I would not be who I am today. This season would be agonizing. This season would be paralyzing. Instead, this season was a wake up. A shake up. A look up.

I'm thankful for this season. My roots are growing deeper because of this season. My sense of worth and identity are being realigned. The intentionality of each day has become priority. Making sure to speak with grace, share with a guarded passion, and love without condition while maintaining a strong sense of self.

I'm thankful for being made different. Without the heartbreak, I would have never come to the place of spiritual submission. I'm still not fully there yet but I feel myself giving way each day. There is power in renewal of the mind. Submitting the thoughts that are not of God to God is monumental. He allows us to be who we are, fully. He loves us through it. He is gentle to change those things that do not lift us or His kingdom.

I'm thankful things are okay. They will never be the way they were. That time has passed. I am okay. I can finally breathe again. It's moving. It's refreshing. It's healthy. It's been needed and missed for some time now. It went unnoticed for far too long.

I'm thankful for lessons learned in this season. About myself, about others, about God. I will never forget them. They will go with me into each season after this one. They will be what makes the future more like God planned for it to be. These lessons were what brought me to a place of gratitude and wisdom.

I'm thankful for hope. I have a lot to hope in, to hope for. I have a certainty that God will provide peace in each moment. He has. He can. He will.