Abuse... a horrible subject; a deep, deep subject. TRUTH is--it is from the devil. It is an abomination to God. It should be an abomination to God’s people. (Malachi 2: 14-16)

Why is this subject so hard  to address, to open up as something to discuss? To be HONEST; it goes against our pride. 

Let’s take this further - ABUSE is the core nature of the enemy of our soul.
Lies are an abuse of  TRUTH.
Shame is abuse of the BEAUTY God endued us with.
Silence abuses the SPEECH God designed to proclaim TRUTH.
Pride takes the place of God. Pride is standing up against God’s authority, and  saying, "I have a right to be god." (Gen. 3:5)

Genesis 3 started with a LIE, FEAR, HIDING, BLAME, and PUNISHMENT.
This is the nature we are born with as a child. Too many times parents add to this nature of a child. Too many parents still have this nature. Yet as parents, we were taught by our parents to correct the behavior. I believe there are people waking up to a greater TRUTH about ABUSE.

As GOSH GIRLS, if we are going to awaken to TRUTH, we need to, first of all, allow God to be a Father, that He says He is. We, like our parents, can only do what we know.
Let me speak from my perspective...

1. Hurt people hurt people; healed people heal people.
I am so thankful for the pain I have experienced in my past. Pain has taught me so many lessons. Thankfulness breaks off the curse of pain. Honesty broke the cycle of silence. Through healing, I have come to understand that I am a part of the human race. Everyone is hurting, or will be hurt. Everyone will come to a breaking point at some point of their life, so be gentle  with those you live with.
Be ready to apologize each day. Be ready to forgive. Be willing to listen. Be willing to share what is truth of the unseen hurts. Be willing to take accountability for hurts you did toward others, without blame.

As I ACCEPTED God’s ACCEPTANCE of me, shame disappeared.
TRUTH replaced the lies, as I identified them as lies. 

There are so many people, so many complexities of the many, many situations of abuse. The most atrocious abuse is sexual abuse of those who are innocent.  Innocent includes those who are wounded and have no ability to say, “NO”. 

I recognize that STOPPING ABUSE begins with me.
1. Protect my daughters’ future.
2. Teach others how to say NO.
3. Teach others how to be HONEST.
4. Give others the space to share their perspective.
5. Give others the FREEDOM to share their ideas.
6. Teach others how to set BOUNDARIES.
7. Use my God-given PEN.

I believe that because of my life experiences, God has given me weighty things to write about. 
Writing is how I express myself best. Sometimes I start conversations by first sending out a note of what I am thinking. I have had my parents say, “Write, we will ponder it.”

But very seldom has anyone given me feedback till 2022. I know God has a reason and a season that these written things will make a difference for someone. I pray that someone is you.  

Recognizing that abuse is from the devil, helps us understand that there are legal rights that the devil has, into our lives from someone in our bloodline opening a door to this particular ABUSE. Learning how to go into the courts of Heaven and revoking the legal rights, all the way back to Adam and Eve, breaks the generational curse, and keeps it from continuing. (Robert Henderson and Annamarie Strawhand are good teaching sources for: Entering the Courts of Heaven)

xoxo- Regina