No one really likes to be alone or feel like they are always alone. But sometimes when you’re in a season of being alone, it’s that God is calling you to do something. 

In a previous blog, I talked a little about my season of being alone after I gave birth to AJ. I felt like it wasn’t the best thing but now, looking back, I know that it opened a door for me. 

And now, just as God would have it,  I’m back in a “season of being alone” . Before I became a Williams, God spoke to me and said, “After the wedding, I need you to back off from your job.” So I asked, “Do I need to go part time or just quit and stay at home?” He answered without speaking back. I no longer work. I’m back at home. 

It’s not necessarily me being alone because our God is omnipresent and He’s always here for us. Of course I also do have my family when everyone is back from school and work.
But now, since I’m more aware spiritually, I can do what God has called me to do that I wasn’t able to do the first time He had me in this place. God is doing something in my life right now. I don’t really understand it but I always remember that God works all thing for my good and He will never put something on me that I'm aren’t ready for.

From time to time, we still fall short. We’re human. It’s in our nature. But it is a blessing to have a great support system when times get hard. I recently fell short on my faith and belief that God was right with me. Thankfully, I have loving friends and family who helped me back up. I never knew how much it actually mattered to have friends and family of faith to bring you up and believe with you until now.

I used to be around people who never wanted to grow a relationship with God. I was young so I made excuse after excuse to be around those people. I’m so glad that I got away from all of that because if I had not have left that lifestyle and environment, I would not be here today. Now, I have friends who have a relationship with God and do their best to grow it each day they live. It encourages me to do the same. 

My heart's desire is to please God for the rest of my life and when the time comes I hear, “Well done, my good and faithful servant."
I am hungry and eager to do what God needs me to do.. what He’s calling me to do.

We all have a purpose.. I encourage you to find yours!

xoxo- Biyankah