I aspire for this new year to be the year to start pausing. To take a minute to give God time before I react and then regret it. To get to this place, I've had to reflect and accept a few revelations.

Revelation #1: I need to ask God to help me say things better.
I desire to ask God for His help more instead of struggling doing it on my own. I will take better care of me and make myself a priority. I will speak up for and let others know where I am struggling and what I need. I need to pass on what I know to anyone who will listen. I will take more walks. I can let myself sleep in sometimes. I need to eat better. I won’t discount myself or anyone else. I aspire to say words to validate myself. I need to hear my own words say how God feels about me, that I am strong in the power of His might. I need to stop complaining and be more thankful for what’s Gods done for me. Heal all of me Jesus. 

Revelation #2: I need to pray for folks who think they know what happened. 
I want to stop needing folks to say, "I understand what you’re saying." I will stop explaining myself when what I’m really doing is throwing my pearls before swine. I'm realizing that I need to let go of some expectations. It’s necessary for me to pray for people because I don’t know what they may be struggling with. I need to stop telling people that I’m going to pray and pray right then. I’m inspired to stay humble. I need to let some things die and quit talking about the past. This means that I may also have to let some people go. I will pray for new ones. I desire to love more and won’t notice when others do it wrong. I don’t need to stay in discouragement and let life pass me by. Enough is enough and not every one will give me what I need because they aren’t supposed to, God does. 

Revelation #3: I need to pray in the spirit more and let it build my faith.
I will pray for vision and write it down. People are going to do things that I don’t like and they will say things that I don’t understand so I have to be ready. What’s inside of me will come out. Being full of the wrong things ensures that the wrong things spill out. It’s time to look at what’s inside and say, "Jesus, heal me so when I’m bumped nothing comes out except you." I need to stop agreeing with how I feel, what I see, or what others may say and remember His promises to me. I will start journaling more. I want to lay on the floor and pray until I feel things lift off me. I need to act like who I know I am. I’m an intercessor. I’m a spirit filled believer. I’m an exhorter. I’m a teacher. I’m a writer. I’m a worshipper and the devils hates me. I need to press into what God has for me.

Revelation #4: I need to read the word more.
I need to put my phone down more and pick up his word. This will help to keep my mind sharp when the enemy comes with his lies. It's critical that I seek the Holy Spirit for wisdom in the word before I defend myself. He may show me I’m being set up by the devil,  that it’s a trap, and that I don’t have to take the bait. He may show me that I’m taking something the wrong way. It’s time to suit up with the armor God talks about because the devil is ready. 

Revelation #5: I’m coming out of my cocoon.
It has been dark and there was no movement. God's been doing a work all this time but I couldn’t see it. I am what He says I am. He’s my father and I’m His daughter. I am loved by an unconditional and everlasting love. He’s crazy about me and it's okay if I even like myself a little more now. Thank God He’s not finished with me yet.

Looking forward not behind.
Praying for each of you as you discover revelations for life change as well.