Today was a question of character. Words thrown like darts. Happy memories and a hopeful journey pushed aside and alternate realities spoken.

What was meant to be a chance of a better life now feels like a failed attempt at a fake family.

I am angry, today. I am sad, today. I feel upside down, today.

Just when I thought I had overcome sadness, a wave of pain rushes over me that causes me to dive deeper into dark caves of confusion and heartbreak.

Although my feelings are in question, I do not and never will believe the accusations of the enemy. They are lies. They lack power and productivity.

I will continue to identify with the goodness of God. Calling out the lies and speaking only truths. I will prophesy into tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be an assurance of love. Forgiveness ushered in. The return of joy, peace, and hope.

I prophesy that my child is safe, secure, and held my the loving arms of Christ. He is called. He is gifted and anointed. I speak deliverance over the thoughts that hold him captive. He will return to God and he will see the goodness of the Lord. He will serve others. He will be more than okay. He is an overcomer. He is a child of God. He is a warrior. He is a king.

I prophesy that my marriage will thrive. My husband will feel the love of God. He will know that he is enough. He will know that he was and will be an awesome father. He is strong. He is brave. He is not a victim. I speak over his mind and heart. I call the heavens to protect and guide where wisdom is needed.

I choose to only focus on what was and will continue to be real. I choose to remain steadfast in prayer. I choose to replace lies with truth. I choose to and will overcome. I choose love, now and tomorrow. I choose to praise, now and tomorrow. I choose to stand firm, now and tomorrow.